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We offer court- ordered Parenting Courses and non- court ordered courses!

Parenting Plans 

We offer full parenting plans for special cases such as a participant with a court- order from a judge requiring a certificate. In this case there would be an additional $25 for the parenting plan. 


Once enrolled in the 8 week course attendance is mandatory each week until graduation date. Any missed classes qualifies for immediate termination from the class non- refundable. 

Graduation  Day

The last day of 8 week course there will be a cremation including food, drinks and completion certificates will be received. 

It Takes a Village

Over the years we have strived to bring the moody innovative parenting information  to the community. It is important to have fun while learning to achieve the best results. We are committed to maintaining a strong family dynamic and have an excellent curriculum to assist parents in their journey. Remember, be a parent is the most important job and requires tremendous patience and wisdom. We are here to help!